Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why I haven't blogged for a month...

It has been just a bit crazy. I won't mention whose dishwasher this is-ha!

All I can say is it has been quite the month.

We were in San Diego.

This is one of my favorite streets in northern San Diego County.
The Eucalyptus trees line the whole street.

Then we went to Los Angeles.

This is the entrance to the Nestle Building.

I loved the combination of the white roses and evergreens.

Unfortunately when we got home, our dog's cancer was to a point we had to put her down.

That still hurts...

On the much happier side: Our youngest daughter became engaged while in Napa Valley.

This picture was arranged by his brother to capture the exact moment! What a wonderful gift!

We are so lucky to be getting another son-in-law.

Then she packed up, put her condo on the market and moved to Atlanta!
I love this shot of the dog.
I miss him also.

Meanwhile, our oldest son and fiance' mailed their wedding invitations :)

Her sister took this picture in Forest Park.
We welcome her and her two beautiful children to the family!
I will blog another day on the wedding photographer, which we loved.

Three days after the wedding, our oldest daughter, son-in-law and four children moved to the San Fransisco area. I think this picture four days later says they are going to love it! Lucky me went along to help with the children while they unpacked.

Mr. M and I are ready for some down time....and cooler weather to garden.
p.s. I didn't mention our youngest son, but he has been plenty busy also with a beautiful (inside and out) girlfiriend.

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