Thursday, July 7, 2011


Few things are more refreshing than the taste of a strawberry just picked.

Recently in California we visited the famed Chino Ranch.

The have a very small farmers market with the fruits and vegetables

they have not sold to the top chefs in the San Diego area.

These small, pale red "French" strawberries were unbelievable.

They melt in your mouth with a sweetness all their own.

My husband was impressed that a small tug on the stem removed the whole center.

Yes, we ate the entire box before getting back to the hotel!

Can't you see these 'sturdy bone china' farmers market baskets

from Jayson Home & Garden filled with fresh strawberries from your garden?
This picture is from their Spring 2011 catalog.

Strawberries are plants that are easily grown here in Missouri, but do take some time and work. Weeding, especially grasses, from around the beds is essential. I find they do best in raised beds where they get good drainage and air circulation. If that's not possible, I suggest you grow the plants in mounds or in hanging planters. This is my personal go-to book for growing strawberries and other fruits here in the Midwest.

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  1. straberry is my favourite!really great to read this blog!