Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still Too Early To Plant

Sharing gardening thoughts and objects is always fun, but especially so when it is for a great cause. In this case it is a Trivia Night for Mike Karandzieff of Crown Candy Kitchen fame, who is undergoing cancer treatment. I found these things at Nell Hill's in Kansas City, MO. Seems like chicken wire is everywhere and I thought it would be fun to include as a candle holder for inside or outside. The tin plate wrapped in wicker is a nice change from the traditional basket and could have multiple uses. The iron bird card holder makes a perfect seed packet holder...(I keep my seed packets handy in case of questions, then on to my notebook with notes on about the plants. I even write the date I planted the seeds on the packet.) The fern was from Nell Hill's also. Don't normally do plastic, but in this case a real plant wouldn't survive being wrapped up for a couple of weeks. I am still adding things, like garden gloves and a candle for the holder.

It's still too early to plant here, but never too early for sharing the joy of gardening with others!

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