Monday, March 14, 2011

Playing Outside

We babysit every chance we get...and it has been a lot lately. We are ALL ready to get outside!
Of course, this morning we woke to snow covering the ground
Every inch of the house shows signs of the grandchildren. Every piece of furniture has been part of a tent or "house" as the granddaughters say. Why all the babysitting? Our oldest daughter just had her fourth child!
Born just before Valentines Day, she is a wonderful addition.
As soon as I rest up, I am going to plan a children's garden based on the way I have watched them play this winter.
Maybe it will be a sunflower fort, a quiet fairy garden, a tent of beans and morning glories and of course a worm box. It will need to have a place for them to paint rocks and sticks with watercolors, make mud pies, watch/catch fireflies, and make clover bracelets.
Here's to playing outside again!

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