Sunday, August 22, 2010

The conversation always turns to plants!

It is very hard to have a conversation with a master gardener and not talk about plants. Lunch with Sharon was going pretty good...we were talking about a dinner she was hosting later in the week.

Sharon said she needed to pick up some candles on the way home. I mentioned how much I love the ones at ACE Hardware. They are unscented and in wonderful, rich colors. The candles do drip (remember the 70's when it was popular to let the wax cover a wine bottle???) so plan accordingly.

Sharon later called to say she had purchased candles at ACE Hardware (still couldn't believe she had shopped at a hardware store for a dinner party--but if you are a gardener, then you know we always shop at the hardware stores and nurseries before we entertain...).

She did have a question: What are the shrubs with the blue berries along the parking lot of ACE?

Luckily I had noticed them a couple of days earlier and taken the above picture. They are 'Blue Muffin' Viburnums. They have an intense blue color that makes a great contrast to their glossy green leaves. I love the white flowers in summer. For those of you in areas with deer, they are considered deer resistant plants. Check out more on this variety at Proven Winners.

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