Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chocolate Tomatoes

Randy has really gotten into organic gardening! I’m hoping he will take some pictures of these tomato vines.

Last fall when I visited our friends Randy and Susan’s farm, I was telling Randy about the ‘chocolate tomatoes’ and he decided to try them. We were all personally disappointed in the taste. It could have been all the rain and cool weather in early summer…or it could be they are just not that tasty. They are supposed to be similar to the big boys, but these were not nearly as firm. They are pretty ugly, also. Again, I think it was due to the early and heavy rains. Hope he tries them again next year. Randy has a couple of real winners this year in a small lemon tomato and a large stripped Roma tomato. Susan’s making some wonderful salsas and cold pasta dishes.

If your interested in more heirloom plants check out Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at They have Randy’s selections and also some incredible squashes and melons. You may even want to visit Baker Creek here in Missouri.

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