Monday, October 31, 2011

Garden Spiders and White Pumpkins

Halloween always includes a good spider!
Orb Weavers comprise a huge family of spiders with several hundred species in North America.
They are great additions to the garden by eating the insects that fly into the web.
This particular spider kept our grandson entertained this Fall.

This year all our pumpkins are white.  Whether on the window sill or in a wood bowl, I love the look.  
These are "Baby Boo" and only grow to 3".  You can find several white varieties that work not only for decorations, but also for carving and baking.  
Try "Casper", at 15 lbs it is a sweet tasting pumpkin and is perfect for baking.  "Cotton Candy"  (5-12 lbs) and "Moonshine" (8-12 lbs) are also good for decorating and carving.  
The smaller 2 lbs "Lil Pump Ke Mon" is just the right size for displaying.
Looking for recipes for pumpkin treats?  Try the new shopping list app aisle411.  They have over 130,000 recipes!  
Looking for pumpkin seeds to grow your own next year?  Try Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

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  1. I LOVE your white pumpkins! I am from St. Louis and can't wait for October!