Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Orbs, Not just for Gardens anymore…

Recently my friend Millie and I had a conversation about orbs. She’s been looking for a couple of concrete orbs for her garden. We have a large one in our front yard that came from a local garden center. I really do like the concrete ones, but every once in awhile I think I would like to have some for inside and just might want the ceramic ones.

Can’t you just imagine this room with ceramic orbs instead of globes?

or maybe in the center of a table instead of candles…

what about white ceramic orbs instead of pumpkins for all year round??

Some of my favorites are made by Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles www.BauerPottery.com

Pictures from Bauer Pottery, unknown,( please claim,) Helen Green ?, Nest Egg via Remodelista

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