Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keeping it Simple

Mass plantings always make a statement. Above is an example of using just three plants. All are common to our area and easy to find in local nurseries.

This is the area at the bottom of our driveway just as it makes a turn. This is also hiding the view of our neighbor’s construction site (which is just days from being a beautifully landscaped addition).

The planter was originally a fountain we had purchased from The Gifted Gardener. After it cracked one winter I started planting it with annuals. Last year I decided to plant it with the same sedum my daughter had in her front planter. Sedum ellacombianum is both cold and draught tolerant which is wonderful. It blooms in June or July in this area and the picture shows the small star-shaped yellow flowers starting to open.

I also used it on the ground below the planter for visual balance.

We moved the planter into an existing bed of common daylilies.

Then this year instead of cutting down the native Sumac saplings behind the daylilies we let them grow to give a little more privacy. They will turn a beautiful red in the fall, although by then my husband will probably have cut them down.

Sometimes the simplest of plants can make a real statement.

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