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We have a VERY steep back hill and with all the Daschund digging that has gone on in the past 14 years, we also have several mole tracks that have turned into ravines, small, but growing ones. Any good ideas??
Also, in my newly planted front garden I have a rotten bunch of moles! The little buggers are tearing things up already. It's a bulb garden, but I worry that the roots will be exposed and I'll loose all my plants. Since the Daschund are not allowed out front, I will need a better mole disappearing remedy than them.

Be glad you have the Daschund dogs as they were bred to hunt burrow-dwelling animals. They are probably keeping the moles from doing further damage in the back. Of course the dogs are also mischievous, so they are doing their own kind of damage.

There are plenty of ground covers and deep-rooted grasses for steep slopes but you might want to wait until the dogs are too old to dig. Mulch for now and when you are ready to plant remember to use plants that are somewhat drought resistant because the water does run off down the slope.

As far as your front yard is concerned you can use one of the products that contain castor bean oil called CHASE Mole and Gopher Repellents by American Natural Products. It’s safe for people and pets. Unlike traps and other poisons, it doesn’t kill the mole it just chases them to your neighbor…

Another option is to use a professional. I interviewed Jeff “The Mole Hunter” Holper on my show after hearing a presentation at the Home and Garden Show. He appears to have a great record and says he has a resume of over 10,000 moles. He has a couple of books on moles and now a DVD. More info:
This last option is for you only: Since we are friends with Lucy R just call her and have her bring her lawn chair and shovel. I’d put her up against any professional!

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